In late November the new experimental art project-journal New Material was launched at the EKKM (Contemporary Art Museum Estonia), plus the relevant exhibition. Experimental journal New Material tries to find precise harmony between form and content and is presented in a concrete box, which contains text booklets, a memory stick with sound design of exhibitions and video works, photos, a 3D-printed screw and a marmoleum-painting by Merike Estna who received the Konrad Mägi award in 2014. The box weighs about 6 kilos and can be taken home in geotextile bag.

The focus of the first issue is on the theme of neo-materialism. Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, Kati Ilves, Eik Hermann, Marten Esko, Jaak Kikas, Jaak Tomberg, Liisa Kaljula, Kalev Rajangu and many others write about the return of the material, the pleasure of material, seeking for new materials and qualities, the materialisation/dematerialisation of exhibitions.

The album that comes together with the journal constitutes a collage of sound design of Estonian exhibitions of the last decade. The album introduces, among others, Kiwa, Andres Lõo, Taavi Tulev, Mihkel Kleis, Barthol Lo Mejor and Raul Keller. The introductory essay is by Maria Juur, an art-educated musician.

New Material is only published with a numbered print run of 111. This is the first part in a series of non-periodical publications and events.