The Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA), in cooperation with the Estonian Artists’ Association, opened a new gallery space in the inner courtyard of the Tallinn Art Hall on 8 November 2014. According to the gallerist Merilin Talumaa, the new gallery helps to maintain the academy’s sense of belonging together and on the other hand it offers young artists a chance to participate in the long tradition of the Art Hall. The gallery primarily functions as a springboard for art students and recent graduates, for whom this is often the first opportunity to develop a relationship with a gallery space, where they can exhibit their works to a broader public.

The term and final projects, joint and solo exhibitions, as well as the students’

experimental projects exhibited at EAA gallery should provide an excellent survey of the programmes taught at the academy and the level of the teaching. Works by other Estonian and foreign artists are also displayed. The gallery has good contacts with other schools of higher art education in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The gallery is at the disposal of the EAA for three years to start with, until the academy’s new building should be completed.

Vabaduse väljak 6/8, Tallinn 10146
Wed–Sun 12–18

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