Editor Krista Kodres
Texts by Anu Allas, Sirje Helme, Jaak Kangilaski, Anu Kannike, Juta Kivimäe, Krista Kodres, Andres Kurg, Peeter Linnap, Kai Lobjakas, Karin Nugis, Virve Sarapik, Gregor Taul, Mari Vallikivi
Designed by Andres Tali
Tallinn: Estonian Academy of Arts, 2016
528 pages, in Estonian with English summary

History of Estonian Art 6/II is the second part of the sixth volume of the History of Estonian Art series, that consists of two parts. The first part is entitled ‘The development of art from the late 1960s to the regaining of independence’ and it examines the development of Estonian art both at home and in exile. This is a direct continuation of the developments described in the first part of the sixth volume, History of Estonian Art 6/I. Following in the same fashion as the first part, fields of art are delineated in the way they were by the Estonian art public in the course of the half century.

The second half of the book ‘Other fields of art life from 1940 to 1991’, is dedicated to fields that were mostly ignored or not considered to be ‘real art’ during these decades. These forgotten fields have  nevertheless managed to establish themselves as art by the end of the examined period (for example photography), supported the functioning of art (for example: art history, restoration and heritage conservation) or expanded the field of art in general with for example amateur art and popular art.