The Artishok Biennale is an exhibition format established in 2008, combining ten artists with new works created for the biennale and ten critics writing about each of the works on display. Critics’ accomplishments will be presented in the exhibition alongside the newly made artworks.

In the age of the ‘experience economy’, art museums have shown profound interest in live bodies between the white walls. The 5th Artishok Biennale takes the opposite direction and invites visual artists onto the theatre stage. It creates a symbolic interaction of the white cube and the black box, which puts in contrast three main characteristics of an artwork in it’s corresponding ‘neutral’ space: time/duration, space and audience.

The 5th Artishok Biennale will take place from 6th–15th October in Theatre NO99 in Tallinn. Ten artists working mainly in the visual art field are invited to present a new artwork for the theatre space. The accompanying texts by ten art, theatre and cultural critics will open up the context for this interdisciplinary meeting of different art fields and spaces.

 Participating artists: Eike Eplik, Andres Lõo, Flo Kasearu, Sven Parker, Elis Saareväli, Kristel Saan, Sten Saarits, SKATKA (Rainar Aasrand, Mikk Madisson), Taavi Suisalu, Sigrid Viir.

 Participating writers: Liisi Aibel, Marika Agu, Eero Epner, Eik Hermann, Alvar Loog, Jan Kaus, Liisa Kaljula, Kaarin Kivirähk, Eha Komissarov, Hanno Soans.

The curator of the 5th Artishok Biennaale is Evelyn Raudsepp.

Ten days, ten openings, ten art events!


Artishok Biennale

6th–15th October

Theatre NO99, Tallinn