A.I. is an Artist-in-Residence centre funded by the Estonian Artists’ Association (EAA). The A-I-R program encourages international contacts for artists and focuses on visual arts including innovation, architecture, cultural heritage and locally rooted practice. A.I.’s interests are interdisciplinary, as they lie in integration of art with environmental issues, science(energetics), innovation in general and also in poetical interaction between art and society.

A.I. is situated both in Tallinn and in village Nõmmküla on Muhu island, at west coast of Estonia. EAA residencies are most appropriate for artists who seek time and professional support for critical thinking, research, experiments, and for those who need a big studio or open spaces in nature. Artists are free to use specific studios in Tallinn (for graphics, ceramics etc.), give own workshops, hold artist-talks and exhibit their work in galleries. EAA is member of Res Artis.

Address: Muhu island 94752, Estonia, tiiu.rebane@eaa.ee