Köler Prize was established in 2011 by the EKKM, with the aim of popularise contemporary art and introduce important artists and groups in local art field.

Each year, five artists of Estonian origin or artists residing permanently in Estonia or groups are nominated for Köler Prize on the basis of their work over the last three years. Köler Prize 2015 nominees are:

Kristiina Hansen, Edith Karlson, Tanel Rander, Ivar Veermäe and Anu Vahtra.

The artists choose two works for the display: one previously exhibited, preferably from the work of three last years and which could in a sense be viewed as an artist’s defining work; the other work should be made for the Köler Prize or it can be something that has not been displayed in Estonia before.

The winner of the Köler Prize is selected by an international jury on the basis of the exhibition works and the artists’ portfolio; the audience prize is determined by the visitors.

The main prize is 7000 euros given by Smarten Logistics, the audience prize by the Salto Architects.

Köler Prize 2015. Exhibition of Nominees

25 April–14 June 2015