Compiled by Toivo Raidmets
Edited by Leele Välja
Design and layout by Tiit Jürna
in Estonian and English
112 pages
Published by the Estonian Academy of Arts, 2011

Interior architect Toivo Raidmets launched his career in the mid-1980s with naughty pieces of furniture, which in the next decades were complemented by more sober, even minimalist, industrially produced, items. This volume presents his work as an artist, furniture designer and interior architect, covering more than three decades. Krista Kodres contributed an essay Provocative Aesthetics of Toivo Raidmets, reprinted are Sirje Helme’s Between Baroque and Dada (1991) and Mart Kalm’s A Rowdy Snob (1990). In addition, the book includes two interviews with Toivo Raidmets by Mart Kalm (1990 and 2010).

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